Use of psychology to mould and improvise your mental processes and cognition to treat depression, anxiety etc.

The Astro Company

We practice Bhrigu Astrology which is older and more accurate than vedic astrology. We don't suggest gem stones or other costly remedies. Our usp is easy and economical remedies which can be easily performed.


Interpretation of numbers of your life. Date of Birth and Name numbers say a lot about you, your personality and your destiny. We have merged best principles of vedic numerology with western, chaldean, chinese and japanese oriental numerology.


Design, branding, marketing, web design and more.

About me

Intuition and destiny finally brought me here.

I am an orthodontist, cosmetic physician, entrepreneur, psychologist and a numerologist-astrologer. I read my first numerology book when i was 12 years old and did my name correction on the basis of it. I was always interested in numerology and psychology and used to practice them for people around me as a part of my personal growth. After 10+ years of friendly consultations and science backed research in astrology, i finally decided to start professional astrology practice in lockdown of 2020 and devote myself fully into decoding and reading peoples’ mind and their actual algorithms.




India (Bharat)